What is Visa?

What is VISA?
  • VISA is a kind of endorsement or acknowledgment, whose specific meaning differs from country to country. Generally speaking, however, it is used to mean one of the following two things; One being the 'permission to enter' a given country, and the other being the 'consul's recommendation for a foreigner's entry request.'
  • In case of Republic of Korea, the latter definition is used. Therefore, even if one were to have a Korean visa, one can still be denied entry to Korean soil should an immigration officer find some requirements unsatisfactory after inspection.
Visa free Entry (Visa waiver)
  • Visa is a basic requirement for entry and in principle, a foreigner wishing to enter Korea must have a visa.
  • However, a person meeting any one of the following qualification may enter Korean without a visa. (Article 7, Section 2 of the Immigration Act)
    • * Those granted permission or immunity for reentry that enters before the expiration date.
    • * Nationals of a country that signed visa waiver agreements with Republic of Korea and are thereby subject of exemption.
    • * Those entering for the interest of international goodwill, travel, or purpose beneficial to Korea who have been granted permitted to enter by presidential decree.
    • * Those that departed with a refugee travel certification and entering prior to the expiration date.
    • For detailed information on a foreigner's entry without a visa, please click here.
VISA Types
Single Entry Visa
  • Only a single-entry is permitted for the duration of the visa.
  • Valid for 3 months from the date it had been issued.
multiple-entry visa
  • Multiple entries are permitted for as long as visa remains valid.
  • Valid for:
    - Diplomacy (A-1) / Conventions/Agreements (A-3) visa status: 3 years from date of issue.
    - Visa provided under multiple-entry visa Agreement: duration specified by an agreement.
    - Visa provided for national benefit: duration specified by the Minister of Justice
  • Should a visa applicant enter Korea prior to the actual issuance of the visa, it will be assumed that the applicant is withdrawing their application, and the issuance will be canceled
  • Visa applicant must claim their visa within 3 months after:
    -the date of application or
    -the notification date of Minister of Justice's approval(applicable only if one is needed)
  • Otherwise, the applicant must apply for a new visa.