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제목 Implementation of Residence Card Verification Service
작성자 HiKorea

Residence Card Verification Service

    In case a registered foreigner needs to carry out identification verification with his/her residence card when using a mobile app for banking services, the registered foreigner may submit the Residence Card (including Permanent Resident Card and Overseas Korean Resident Card) information to the financial company, which will then transmit this data to the Ministry of Justice. The Ministry of Justice will conduct comparison of the card details and the photo with previously stored data, and reply back to the financial company, confirming the card authenticity in real-time.



Service Launch Date : Monday, September 18, 2023


Participating Financial Companies (banking sector)

Mobile app / website

Bank branch

Jeonbuk Bank, Hana Bank, Toss Bank (internet primary bank)

Gwangju Bank, Kookmin Bank, Daegu Bank, Shinhan Bank



Financial companies that can provide the verification service will continue to be included