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제목 Announcement on Publication and Distribution of VISA NAVIGATOR
작성자 HiKorea
첨부 pdf 파일 비자 내비게이터(Visa Navigator) 전자책(국문).pdf
pdf 파일 VISA NAVIGATOR(Customized Stay Guide)(Eng).pdf

● The Korea Immigration Service is distributing VISA NAVIGATOR (In Korean and English), a customized stay guide for foreign residents, to provide better services for foreigners staying or intending to stay in the Republic of Korea.
- Main Contents: Visa overview, customized stay guide for foreigners residing in Korea, convenient means of placing immigration-related applications, frequently asked questions, common issues addressed in counseling (Immigration Contact Center), various reporting obligations and violation cases


● The Visa Navigator will be revised and updated according to changes to the relevant laws and guidelines. For more specific information such as required documents, please refer to Immigration/Stay Guide at the HiKorea website or use the Immigration Contact Center (☎1345).