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[Hi Korea] respects and upholds the following “Personal Information Protection Policy

[Hi Korea] overview

  • [Hi Korea] is a general support portal site for foreigners, jointly created by the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Knowledge Economy and the Ministry of Labor. It was created with the purpose of providing investment, employment, residence, and everyday living related information; as well as providing related on-line services from a single convenient location.

Automatically collected and stored information (Access Log)

  • Upon using [Hi Korea]’s services, information about which page you view and while files get downloaded are collected and stored in our servers without your explicit consent. This information can not be used to track or identify an individual by itself, and it is not tied to any specific user profile. Its purpose is strictly to serve as base data to help improve our site. The specific data collected are as follows: your internet domain (the domain name of your internet service provider), your I.P address (a unique set of numbers that gets assigned to your computer by the network), your browser and OS, date of visit, and pages you visited.

Information sent by posting on our message boards or sending e-mails

  • Personal data entered when submitting applications at [Hi Korea] is absolutely essential for processing, and must be entered correctly. This information can only be viewed by selected few agencies that require it, and failure to do so may result in application not getting processed by the agency in charge. Information sent to us through e-mail (e-mail address, phone number, address, etc) is also strictly protected. All information collected by aforementioned methods are protected under the [Protection of Personal Information by Public Agencies Law], and it is never used for commercial purposes or to maintain a profile of any user.

Protection of personal information by the linked sites

  • If you’re directed to a separate website that’s operated by another agency or department through our links, information that you provide to those sites will follow their own personal information policy.

Notification for user responsibilities

  • Should any user use [Hi Korea] to infringe upon another individual’s rights or harm agencies by spreading false information, all responsibilities will lie with that individual. Such user’s personal information may no longer be protected by the [Protection of Personal Information by Public Agencies Law].

Notification of infringement of personal information

  • If, at any point while using [Hi Korea] website, you discover any fact that may result in infringement of the rights of those that provided their information (such as possibility of personal information getting leaked), please contact us through any of the following methods.
  • E-mail : hikorea@hikorea.go.k
  • Fax : (02)2650-4550
  • Phone : 1345


Immigration Contact Center 1345
로고 외국인을 위한 전자정부


  • Join, Reserve Visit, Immigration Related Information : 1345 (FAX : (02)2650-4550)
  • Recruitment / Employment Related Informationtion(Ministry of Labor) : 1577-1350