Public authentication certificate (electronic certificate) guide

What is public authentication certificate (electronic certificate)?

It refers to electronic certificate that is issued by government appointed certificate authority. It can be used for internet banking as well as application services.
Currently, HiKorea does not issue public authentication certificates. You may get one issued from the following websites.

How to be issued an electronic certificate

How to be issued an electronic certificate
① Apply for issuance of an electronic certificate
Those that want corporate certificate must personally visit the relevant organizations and get one issued there. Such individuals/corporations must submit documents to confirm their identity.
② Get a reference number or an authentication code
After relevant organizations have reviewed the application and confirmed your identity, you will be given a registration certificate containing reference number and/or authentication code.
③ Log-in to relevant organization’s website
Using the reference number and/or authentication code, request on-line issuance of your electronic certificate.
④ Issuance

Using the appropriate menu (usually located on the upper part of the website), you can have an electronic certificate issued to you.

The public electronic certificate will be saved on your computer’s storage device (Hard drive, floppy disk, USB memory stick, etc). You will be prompted to enter a password. This password will later be used to unlock the certificate when you actually use it.
⑤ Use the certificate for e-application or internet banking Your saved certificate can now be used with any service that may request an electronic certificate. This includes the e-application service and internet banking.