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Subject Visa Fee Waiver Policy for Group Tourists during the“2016 Visit Korea Year”
Name HiKorea

Visa Fee Waiver Policy for Group Tourists

during the“2016 Visit Korea Year”

The Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Korea extends the current visa fee waiver policy for group tourists through to the end of next year by reflecting the opinions of the tourism industry and relevant authorities.

Note: The Ministry has implemented visa fee wavier policy (effective from July 6, 2015 to Dec. 31, 2015) for group tourists from five countries (China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines and Cambodia) following the MERS outbreak.

The number of Chinese tourists to Korea fell sharply in the wake of the MERS outbreak this year. While it has shown signs of recovery since August, it still remains around 74% of the last year’s arrivals.

In proactive support of attracting group tourists for the “2016 Visit Korea Year”, the Ministry of Justice came to an agreement to extend the current visa fee* waiver policy for group tourists to the end of 2016. (*About USD 15 per person)

The Ministry expects that the extended visa fee waiver policy would attract more group tourists from China and other countries and thereby significantly contribute to the revitalization of the Korean tourism industry and the economic recovery.


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