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Less than 90 days More than 91 days
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Education(More than 91 days)
status of stay Qualifications Entry Staying in Korea Depature
Overseas Study
  • Those seeking standard high level education (bachelor, master or doctor) or engagement in specific research at a college, university or graduate school set up under provisions of the 'Education Law' or at an educational facility set up under the provision of the related special law.
Passport +
Visa +
Disembarkation Card
Extension of stay
Change of status
Passport +
Registration Card +
Re-entry permit if necessary
General training
  • Those studying Korean language at a university
    -operated language institute.
  • Those being educated in educational facilities other than academic research organizations or educational organizations that fall under overseas study(D-2) status.
  • Those learning technology or skills at a national or public research organization.
Foreign Registration
Extension of stay
Re-entry Permit
Change of status
Activities beyond Status
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Immigration Contact Center 1345
로고 외국인을 위한 전자정부


  • Join, Reserve Visit, Immigration Related Information : 1345 (FAX : (02)2650-4550)
  • Recruitment / Employment Related Informationtion(Ministry of Labor) : 1577-1350