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Immigration offenders
  • Those that have infringed the provisions set out in the Immigration act Article 93, Section 2, 93-3, 94, 95, 97, 98, 99, 99-2, 99-3, and 100.
    • Immigration act outlines regulations (and punishments) and that orders or prohibits certain actions to warrant just execution and orderly process of Public administration of immigration. Therefore, to ensure effective execution of this law, those that infringe any part of this act are charged with penalties.
Flowchart of immigration offender procedures
1.Acknowledgement: Acknowledgement of Immigration act offender 2. Commence investigation: Basic materials investigation for Immigration act infringement Subsequent to basic materials investigation, suspected of being a deportation target, and the possibility of running exist 3.Examination: Detailed adjudication as to the Immigration act infringement fact 4.Decision of Adjudication Upon decision notification and release of detention deportation, order of departure,disposition notice, indictment.
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Immigration Contact Center 1345
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