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Guide to Nationality Affairs
  • Due to the expansion of Korea’s national power as well as worldwide trend of globalization, civil petitions and questions regarding nationality are growing steadily.
  • In order to keep up with these trends, nationality-related affairs are transferred from the law department to naturalization and refugee division of immigration Bureau.
Nationality Civil Petitions
  • Due to the sudden increase in civil petitions, more time is being spent processing those petitions now more than ever.
  • The naturalization and refugee division is trying to preserve the dignity of the Korean nationality, by preventing forgery or altering of documents during the application process. Furthermore, the naturalization and refugee division is doing everything in its power to make things as convenient as possible for the applicants.
Related Information Guide
  • The naturalization and refugee division of Immigration Bureau provides information and answers questions concerning nationality such as gain/loss of nationality. Please feel free to contact whichever organization or office that best suits your needs.
    • Registry: Office of Court Administration( Registry Department (☏ 02-3480-1394)
    • Family Register: Office of Court Administration( Family Register Department (☏ 02-3480-1389)
    • Tax: National Tax Service( Civil Petition Center(☏ 1588-0060)
    • Labor: Ministry of Labor( Labor Standards Department(☏ 02-503-9742)
    • Foreign Currency Exchange: Ministry of Finance & Economy( Foreign Exchange System Department(☏ 02-503-9277)
    • Real Estate: Ministry of Construction & Transportation( Real Estate Management Department (☏ 02-504-9123)
    • School: Ministry of Education & Human Resources Development( School Policy Department(☏ 02-720-3046)
    • Passport: Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade( Passport Department (☏ 02-720-2736)
    • Permanent Residency: Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade( Nationals Abroad Transfer Department(☏ 02-2100-7570)
    • Medical Insurance: Ministry of Health & Welfare( Insurance Policy Department (☏ 02-503-7570)
    • National ID: Ministry of Government Administration & Home Affairs( Resident Department(☏ 02-3703-4860)
    • Legal Aid: Korea Legal Aid Corporation( ARS Consultation(132)
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Immigration Contact Center 1345
로고 외국인을 위한 전자정부


  • Join, Reserve Visit, Immigration Related Information : 1345 (FAX : (02)2650-4550)
  • Recruitment / Employment Related Informationtion(Ministry of Labor) : 1577-1350