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Entry & Departure Inspection of Nationals
A scene of Departure Inspection of Nationals The purpose of departure inspection is to ensure safe journey abroad by checking validity of necessary documents (such as the passport), as well as preventing violators of immigration laws from departing the country (those with fake/altered passports or those not allowed to leave the country).

There has been significant increase in foreigners trying to use fake/altered passports to leave the country, which calls for a careful inspection process. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause and ask for your cooperation during the section process.

Co-operation Matters of Departure Inspection
  • Please prepare your passport and boarding pass before presenting it to the immigration officer. This will significantly increase the speed of the departure process.

  • Please refrain yourself from using mobile phones during inspection. Not only is it against common etiquette, the inspector would have a hard time focusing. This could slow things down for everyone, and potentially cause the inspector to make a mistake.
  • Please remove anything that hampers clear perception of the face, such as sunglasses or big hats. This is to make sure that your passports and documents are legit,
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