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Subject  “Sweet Kwi-nam (Minister of Justice was Immigration officer for one day)”
Name  HiKorea
Image   “Sweet Kwi-nam (Minister of Justice was Immigration officer for one day)” image

"Sweet Kwi-nam (Minister of Justice was Immigration officer for one day)”


“Did you enjoy the trip?'(즐거운 여행 되셨나요?)

“Yes, I had a great time. thank you.' (네 즐거웠어요. 감사합니다.)



<Examination of departure Minister of Justice>


December 4th, 2009 in the morning, at Incheon Airport Lee, Kwi-nam(Minister of Justice) Examination of departure was unfamiliar to publics. However, he impressed to foreigners with great smile and kindness who was leaving Korea after their business trips or tour.


<The caricature of Ministry of Justice for Examination of departure>


After finishing his one day immigrations service Minister Lee said to government officials at Incheon Airport ' All of you are stand for Korea to be kind and giving great impression for who is visiting Incheon airport.'  



'Is there any problem living in Korea?'(Minister of Justice spent time with Marriage Immigrants)



<Luncheon party with Marriage Immigrants>


After visiting Incheon Airport Immigration service Minister Lee came to Seoul Immigration office and had a luncheon party with Marriage Immigrants. At this luncheon Minister conversation with Marriage Immigrants about their difficulties living in Korea and encouraged to them individually.


It was great chance to meet Marriage Immigrants adjusting life in Korea and what they are really need and apply their opinions to policy for the future.



' As far am I a professional counselor ?' (Minister attending Counsel service)



<Counseling for public>


Minister Lee was served as Vice Minister, Ministry of Justice back in April. He visited to Global Skilled Workers and Foreign Investor Support Center and checking investing results and did one day volunteer for counseling for residents foreigners about visa administration and their inquires.  


This experienced help him to counseling for publics by himself without any help.



'This is not for just one day event.'


Minister Lee one day immigrations service and counsel service was for motivated for immigration government officers who are preparing for G20 meeting for next year.

Also it was great opportunity for listening to publics and government officers thought and reflected their ideas to Ministry of Justice policy.



When Minister Lee , left Seoul Immigration Office he will continue to visiting and meet publics so that it can help better policy for the future. 





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