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Subject  Official new years greeting from the head of Korea Immigration Service
Name  HiKorea
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Dear members of the Korea Immigration Service,

Last year was very significant in that it saw the rebirth of Korea Immigration Service of the Ministry of Justice, where the entire department saw expansion and reorganization. As the active head of the department, I had presented you with the vision of “openness and common prosperity”, and worked accordingly. As we are faced with another new year ahead of us, I would like us to reflect on the fundamentals of our work by asking the simple question: “why?”.

Why did the government decide to expand and reorganize the Ministry of Justice immigration department to Korea Immigration Service?
Why was the head of KIS elected through an open ballot?
Why did the “participation” administration put so much emphasis on customer-oriented administration service?
Why does regulation of illegal residents cause occasional human rights issue even through we are doing our assigned duty?
Why do some civil organizations and the media object, on account of infringement of human rights and some to the extent of holding a sit-down strike, to the forced deportation of three staff members of foreign worker’s union, when they have been staying illegally in Korea for the past 10 to 15 years?
The Ministry of Justice have closely monitored the media and went through extensive consideration to release a new Immigration laws in order to increase its legal transparency. Why do some say that this is a change for the worse?
Why do so many countries in the world refer to migration issues as “Explosive issue”?
Why does the new “Lee Myoungbak” administration emphasize restoration of legal order and strengthening of our national competitive power?
...and why do you work here in your post?

As we start work on a fresh new year, I believe that reflecting on ourselves and the work that we do is very important. Through it, we steer ourselves in the right direction, and find meaning in our work.
With these thoughts, I would like to share the following closing statement with you this morning.
‘Seek out and See through !!”

Have a wonderful new year, and may good fortune shine upon you and your family.


January 1st, 2008.
Gyu ho Chu, Head of Korea Immigration Service


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