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Subject  Minister of Justice visits the Incheon Airport to check its immigration system.
Name  HiKorea
Image   Minister of Justice visits the Incheon Airport to check its immigration system. image

Subject: Minister of Justice visits the Incheon Airport to check its immigration system.


As an internal response to the Malaysia Airline MH370 incident, Minister of Justice Kyo-Ahn Hwang visited the Incheon Airport on Thursday, March 13, at 11 a.m., to check the country’s immigration system and to request relevant officials to secure the national border safety.


Minister Hwang made several on-site visits of border security where immigration officials verify forged passports and manage advanced passenger information system to block illegal migrants. He meticulously examined the sites and asked the officials to toughen the measures against illegal immigration through biometric identification technology and the advanced passenger information system. He advised that every official at the airport needs to make an all-out effort to ensure the safety of immigration by, for example, closely examining passengers’ spoken communication and passport forgery if their purpose of travels or passports seem suspicious.


Minister Hwang especially stressed the importance of an individual officer’s attention to details and noble sense of duty more so than technology in order to prevent a malicious foreigner’s entry, such as terrorists and others, from jeopardizing South Korea’s national security and interests. Mr. Hwang told the immigration officials that they should provide international conference participants and travelers with convenient immigration services by actively utilizing our immigration system which is considered the best in the world.


In addition to that, he made a stop at the airport’s Investor Immigration Centre where the Chief of the Center gave a short briefing to the Minister. The Centre opened in February this year to promote Korea’s investor immigrant scheme. There, Minister Hwang told the Chief that not only introducing new immigrant immigration policies is important but also direct consulting and advertising to potential customers equally significant in order to attract ‘real’ investors.


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