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Can I Stay and Work after I File for Refugee Status?
Permission to stay for refugee status applicant
  • Permission to change the status of stay
    - When you apply for refugee status and permission to change your legal status of stay, respective Officer Chief and immigration officers in charge shall issue a permission to change your status to a miscellaneous visa (G-1, 6 months period).
  • Permission to extend the period of stay (Every 6 months period) You may receive a permit to extend your period of stay, if:
    - Your claim has not been determined within the previously authorized period of stay;
    - Your authorized period of stay expires during a preparatory period for appeal or before determination on the appeal is finalized; Or
    - Your authorized period of stay expires, during preparatory period for administrative appeals or before the finalizations of your administrative appeal.
Permission to work for refugee status applicant
  • The followings are the required documents to file for refugee status:
    - Your passport and Alien Registration Card
    - A Receipt of Refugee Status Application issued to you
    - An Application for Activities Outside of Authorized Status of Stay
  • What are the criteria for a permission to work? You may receive permission to work, provided that:
    - Six months have passed since you filed your complete refugee application;
    - An Officer Chief recognizes that you are in particular needs to work, due to your responsibility to support your defendant family members who lack capability to work because of their disabilities or others reasons that amount to the situation; Or
    - You are a humanitarian status holder, even though your claim for refugee was denied.
  • How long can I work?
    - If your claim for refugee status has not been finalized within six months or, if you have other reasons to work, you may receive a permit for activities outside of your authorized status of stay for six months per application until your authorized period of stay expires.
    - If you are a Humanitarian Status holder, you may be permitted to work for one year period per application until your period of stay expires.
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