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Naturalization (General,Simplified, Special)

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Dependent acquisition
According to Nationality Act Article 8
  • Foreigners considered as underage according to the civil law of R.O.K.
  • Underage foreigners may apply in accompaniment if their parents apply for naturalization.
  • Such dependent applicants may only acquire Korean nationality after their parents’ naturalization is granted by the Minister of Justice.
  • Important notices
  • If underage foreigners were not applied in accompaniment upon their parents’ naturalization application, they cannot apply for dependent aqquisition afterwards. As such, they must go through their own naturalization procedures.
  • However, if either parent has acquired Korean nationality, the children may apply through special naturalization procedures.
Application Center
  • Immigration Office of Nationality department
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Procedures and submission documents
  • - Items subject to change depending on individual circumstances
    - Documents written in foreign languages need to be translated in Korean and notarized. Notarization will be exempted only for English and Chinese. (In this case, you must record name and contact number of translator.)
  • General cases
  • For dependent acquisitions, separate applications are not necessary for the underage children
  • In such cases, the relationship between the parents and the said children must be verified with the following:
    - A copy of foreign registration card, A copy of foreign passport, foreign family registry or population certificate, direct relation certifying documents etc
  • Proving documents of parents, spouse, children, marriage status or adoption of person who applied for dependant acquisition
  • Notice download Notice.hwp download Notice.pdf download Notice.doc

  • In the event where the parents are divorced
  • If acquiring nationality through dependent acquisition with either parent when they are divorced, the parent with whom the children are applying with must present the following documents to verify that they have full parental rights
    - Divorce judgment or foreign family registry, and other identification or official documents etc
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