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Naturalization (General,Simplified, Special)

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Special Naturalization (Biological children)
General requirements
  • Must have good conduct
  • Must have basic knowledge befitting a Korean national; such as understanding of the Korean language, customs and culture
Additional requirements (Nationality Act Article 7-1-1)

- Foreigners that meet general requirements that also apply to the following:

  • Foreigners whose either biological parent is of Korean nationality.
  • Those permitted naturalizations’ children
  • Children of those permitted naturalization may apply for special naturalization regardless of their residence period, age or marriage status.
    ※ Spouse and children of children of those permitted naturalization
    - Spouses of those permitted naturalization (naturalization through marriage) are not considered as being overseas Korean. Therefore, their children (hereby referred to as 2nd generation children) may only apply for special naturalization if the said spouse has already acquired Korean nationality.
    - In addition, 2nd generation children’s own spouse and children may not apply for naturalization through accompaniment. However, the spouse is eligible for ‘naturalization through marriage’ if the married 2nd generation child is granted naturalization, and the spouse has resided in in Korea for at least 2 years after that.
Application Center
  • Immigration Office of Nationality department
    - View Immigration Offices currently accepting applications → Click!!!
Required Documents
  • - Items subject to change depending on individual circumstances.
    - Documents written in foreign languages need to be translated in Korean and notarized. Notarization will be exempted only for English and Chinese. (In this case, you must record name and contact number of translator.)
  • Naturalization application from download Naturalization Application Form.hwp download Naturalization Application Form.pdf download Naturalization Application Form.doc : attach 1 color photo (4cm x 5cm)
    - Submit a copy of the first page of the completed application
  • A copy of the passport
  • A statement of Naturalization of application download A Statement for Citizenship Application.hwp download A Statement for Citizenship Application.hwp download A Statement for Citizenship Application.hwp
  • An Statement of Identity and a copy (attach photo) download the Statement of Identity.hwp download the Statement of Identity.pdf download the Statement of Identity.doc
  • A copy of Chinese population certificate in full: display original
  • Family registry certificate and citizenship registry certificate of the spouse of those permitted naturalization
  • Documents show that the applicants are children of those permitted naturalization
    ① Chinese family relationship certificate certified by Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
    ② Documents that verify relationship as children of those who permitted naturalization
    (Hokuben in case of China, family relation certificate of their country for other countries)
    ③ Certified medical organization issued DNA result report
    - Medical organization establishment certificate
    - The testing object(blood, hair) extraction date and person must be marked on the DNA result report
    - Organizations reported to the Ministry of Health and welfare allowed (inspecting organization reporting certificate must be submitted)
    ④ Childhood photos taken with those who permitted naturalization, and birth certificate.
    (One of the above ②or ③)
  • Proving documents of parents, spouse, children, marriage status or adoption of person who applied for naturalization
  • Documents issued by government of People's Republic of China proving the person who applied for naturalization is Korean Chinese when his/her name is written in Korean pronunciation not in Chinese pronunciation
  • In case that the person who applied for naturalization specifies the date of birth newly, a certificate proving this fact issued by Embassy or consulate's office of their original country.
  • Notice download Notice.hwp download Notice.pdf download Notice.doc
  • Fee: 300,000 KRW (Government revenue stamp)
  • - Additional documents to submit where applicants are children of persons aged less than 20 years of age
  • If parental rights lie with the former parent who is overseas, that parent’s certified oath to give up parental rights (if divorced, foregoing of parental rights on the divorce judgment and settlements), agreement for children’s gain of Korean nationality, and documents verifying that the applicant’s current parent(s) has parental rights
  • Death certificate upon death of biological parent
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