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Interpreting service

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Oral Translation Services (Using Cell Phones)

From Outside of Korea

Messeges for interpretation via cell-phone
  • When oral translation is needed out side of Korea, enter the traveling country’s international phone call # first then, 82-1588-5644. Follow the instructions and enter the language code, then you will be automatically connected with an interpreter. BBB interpreters will help you kindly.
  • Traveling Country’s International Code -82-1588-5644 -> Select Language Code
  • Example
    • From US and Canada 011-82-1588-5644
    • From China 00-82-1588-5644
    • From Taiwan 002-82-1588-5644
    • From Japan 001-010-82-1588-5644
※ For other countries, please check the following website. [International call code]

Inside Korea

  • If English oral translation is needed, dial 1588-5644 then press 1, then you will be automatically connected with an interpreter.
  • 1588-5644 -> Code Selection per Language
BBB Representative Number *Press the extension numver assigned to each language1588-5644, 1.English 2.Japanese 3.Chinese 4.French 5.Spanish 6.Italian 7.Russian 8.German 9.Portuguese 10.Arabic 11.Polish 12.Turkish 13.Swedish 14.Thai 15.Vetnamese 16.Malaysia, Indonesia


Immigration Contact Center 1345
로고 외국인을 위한 전자정부


  • Join, Reserve Visit, Immigration Related Information : 1345 (FAX : (02)2650-4550)
  • Recruitment / Employment Related Informationtion(Ministry of Labor) : 1577-1350