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Cultural hangouts

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Entertainment Facilities

Performing Arts Centers

Performing Arts Center
  • General Performing Arts Centers
    - Multipurpose facilities which can provide spaces for performing arts including concerts, plays, operas, dances, musicals as well as events, seminars and displaying paintings
    - About 1,200 seats
    - Sejong Performing Arts Center, General Arts Centers of cities and states
    - Civic centers of special city, metropolitan cities
  • Ordinary Performing Arts Centers
    - Usually for fine arts as plays, dances and concerts
    - More than 300 seats
    - Performing arts centers of cities, districts and communities

Movie Theaters

  • Small Performing Arts Centers
    - Movies are always played.

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  • Introductory Brochure for Better Life for Foreigners by Daegu Metropolitan City
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Immigration Contact Center 1345
로고 외국인을 위한 전자정부


  • Join, Reserve Visit, Immigration Related Information : 1345 (FAX : (02)2650-4550)
  • Recruitment / Employment Related Informationtion(Ministry of Labor) : 1577-1350