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Korean Traditional Costume

Korean Traditional Costume - Hanbok
Hanbok is the Korean traditional clothes. People wear Hanbok for special events nowadays. Hanbok is diversified according to different circumstances.


There are no lines and pockets for Hanbok. A female Hanbok is composed of a long skirt and a short shirt. The two parts of Hanbok is often called as “Chima-Jeogori” meaning skirt-shirt. A male Hanbok is composed of a pants and a shirt. The wide legged pants are called “Baji” and it has 2 knots to tie around each ankle. There is a coat called “Durumagee” and one can wear it after wearing Hanbok first.

Casual Hanbok

Complicated rules and meticulous cares are needed for wearing a traditional Hanbok. Because of the reason, casual Hanbok was developed for simplicity and comfort. It satisfied both the beauty of the traditional Hanbok and simplicity. The casual Hanbok can be made with various types of textile and design.


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