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Certificate of residence statement

Those Eligible for Certification Issuance Where to Apply / Required Documents
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Scope of Certificate of Domestic Residency Report
  • In accordance with the Act on Immigration and Legal Status of Overseas Koreans, certification will be issued only to those that have reported their residency in Korea.
  • When related laws require a national ID card or a resident registration in the procedures and transactional relation, Domestic Residency Card or Certificate, foreign registration card or foreign registration certificate are can be substituted instead.
Those Eligible for Domestic Residency Report Certification
   Certificate of entry/departure record is only granted to the following due to Personal Information Protection Act by Public Institutions.
  • Subjects themselves, their legal representative, or those assigned by the subjects.
    - Even direct family members must be given power of attorney from the subjects in order to apply in their stead (except when subjects are dead or missing)
  • Spouse of the subject or ascendants or descendants
    - Only if subjects themselves cannot express their intent because they are dead or missing.
    - Or, if the application will benefit the subject, then it is deemed equivalent to those made when subjects are dead or missing (i.e. termination of mobile phone etc.)
    - In the cases mentioned above, the person on behalf of the subject must submit appropriate support documentation. (i.e. billing statement of a mobile phone etc.)
    ※ The certification must only be used for the purpose stated.
    - If billing statement of a mobile phone is submitted, the certification must be used only for “termination of service of the mobile phone”. Not for any other purposes.
  • Those that have employed the subjects (foreigners), or their representatives
    - Only if the subjects departed for good.
    - If their departure cannot be confirmed due to termination of the employment or subject’s whereabouts becoming unknown after they registered as a foreigner upon employment, then it is possible to apply for certification which proves departure or entry until that time..
  • Others that Ministry of Justice deems necessary to be certified for public interest.
    - Only if the purpose of issuing is related with public interest, and the executive agencies, municipality, or public entities (limited to public entities under the Clause 2 of “Personal Information Protection Act by Public Institutions and the Clause 2 of its regulations) requests the applicant to submit the certification for the purposes of enforcing its.
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