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Release from detention area (deportation/release of detention)
  • Release from the detention area occurs when deportation is executed or when detention is released.
  • To aid fast release, Immigration officer will request issuance of passports to the appropriate consulates if the deportees don’t have one.
  • Items and cash withheld upon entry into the detention facility will be returned, and transportation is only available to the airport.
Release of detention
  • If detention is no longer deemed necessary, those detained may be released before the expiration of their detention.
Temporary release of detention
  1. If detained foreigners face loss of unrecoverable wealth, threat to their life or health, or other such risks as a result of the detention (deportation) then they may apply for temporary release from detention
  • Detained foreigners themselves
  • Their guarantors or legal representatives
Required documents
  • Temporary release of detention application
  • Identification verification guarantee
  • Verification documents for reason for application
Decision of temporary release of detention
  • Temporary release of detention will be decided upon thorough Screening and comprehensive evaluation on certain Issues (desertion & National interests, etc) considering specified conditions (age, behavior, intelligence, whereabouts, criminal background, etc)
Conditions to temporary release of detention
  • Upon release of detention being granted, a security bond of less than 10 million won must be deposited, and other limitations to the residence and such can be made.
Cancellations of temporary release of protection
  • If temporary release of protection is canceled, the foreigner is classified as having unclear whereabouts, and the deposit becomes the property of Korea.
    - If, without any valid reason, they do not notify their place of residence or contact details at least once a month or within 5 days of changing their place of residence.
    - If they do not respond to orders to be present without valid reasons.
    - Have run away, or are believed to have reasons to run away.
    - If the reasons given for release of detention has been found to be false.
    - If they were involved in illegal employment during the release period.
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Immigration Contact Center 1345
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