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  1. "Deportation" refers to the strongest type of administrative measure for offending foreigners of the immigration act. Not only does it forbid offending foreigners from staying in Korea, but also deports them to land outside Korean borders; regardless of their wishes..
Deportation subjects
   - Foreigners applicable to Immigration act Article 46
  • Those infringing Immigration act Article 7
  • Foreigners infringing Immigration act Article 7, Section 2, or those that have entered using false invitation or other methods as outlined in the same section.
  • Those whose infringement of Immigration act 11-1-1, have occurred or have been discovered after their entry to Korea.
  • Those infringing Immigration act 12-1 or 2, or 12-2
  • Those that have infringed the conditions set by the head of office or branch head as per Immigration act 13-2
  • Those that have landed without permission as per Immigration act 14-1, 15-1, 16-1 or 16-2-1
  • Those that have infringed the conditions set by the head of office, branch office, or immigration officer as per Immigration act 14-3, 15-2, 16-2 or 16-2-2.
  • Those infringing Immigration act 17-1,2, 18, 20, 21, 23, 24, or 25
  • Those that have infringed the residence limitations or range of activity limitations set by the Minister of Justice as per Immigration act 22
  • Those attempting to depart through infringements to Immigration act 28.
  • Those infringing Immigration act 31.
  • Those released after being sentenced to imprisonment
  • Others as per 1 to 11 of the Ministerial Ordinance of the Immigration Acts.
Deportation order execution
  • As a rule, deported foreigners are to be sent back to their country of their nationality or citizenship.
Appeals to deportation orders
  • Appeals to the deportation order can be made within 7 days of the deportation order.
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