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Evaluation for nationality

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Nationality Act Article 20 (Nationality judgment)
  1. Determination of Nationality is a system to decide whether someone is a Korean national. The process is initiated by application of people that are unsure as to whether they have acquired Korean nationality in the past, or whether still have them the Korean nationality.
Determination of Nationality screening standard
  • The applicants’ nationality is determined by reviewing their blood relationships, immigration history, foreign nationality acquisition status and other identification documents.
Nationality judgment result notification and validity
  • If applicants are judged to have Korean nationality, it is notified to the applicant, proclaimed on the official document and they will be able to make Korean family registration through the determination notification document without going through separate procedure to acquire nationality.
Application Center
  • Immigration Office of Nationality department
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Required Documents at the time of determination of nationality application (submit 2 copies of each)
- Items subject to change depending on individual circumstances.
  • Determination of nationality application download Determination of nationality application.HWP download Determination of nationality application.PDF download Determination of nationality application.DOC: attach 1 color photo (4㎝×5㎝)
  • Fill out 2 Identified Guarantee Descriptions, make 2 copies (attach photo) download A Statement for Citizenship Application.HWP download A Statement for Citizenship Application.PDF download A Statement for Citizenship Application.DOC
  • Family registry of applicants, relatives living in Korea and other documents to justify blood relationship at the time of birth
  • If a foreign nationality had been acquired in the past, a document proving that fact (the copy of that country’s passport can replace this) and the progress of acquiring that foreign nationality.
  • The foreign passport, travel certificate or entry permit used at the time of entry if the applicant had entered Korea before and kept address or residence after departure.
  • Other documents that can be referred to in nationality judgment
  • Notice download Notice.HWP download Notice.PDF download Notice.DOC
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