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Obligatory declarations

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Employer's Declaration of Obligations
      According to Article 19 of the Immigration Act, the employer or the head of the company who hires the foreigner and/or provides for the foreigner's industrial training, shall declare to the Immigration Office, within 15 days of acknowledgment of such circumstances as per the following.
  • Employers of foreigners
  • Head of company for foreigners’ industrial training
Circumstances to Declare
  • Upon hiring, retirement or death of the foreigner.
  • If hired foreigner's place to stay is uncertain.
  • Upon changes of important matters of employment contract as following:
    - If the employment contract period is changed.
    - If the name of the employer or company is changed, or the location is changed due to relocation.
    - If the foreigner move to another office under same company or add new company as working place.
    - If the company dispatched the worker according to the Protection Act for Temporary Agency Worker and other such related regulations. (Including case that the place of Temporary Work Agency changed).
  • Upon acknowledging that the hired foreigner has violated the Immigration Act or other such related orders..
Declaration period
  • Within 15 days of acknowledgement of such circumstances to declare as stated above.
Document requirements
    - The submitted documents may be added or subtracted in case it is recognized necessary.
  • Report of changes in management of foreign student(employees, trainees) hwp다운로드
Required documents & Notes when reported by agents
  • Power of Attorney - The form for Power of Attorney is not separately designated. However, it shall essentially contain the following contents.
    - Personal data of Assigner/Assignee
    - Relationship between Assigner/Assignee
    - Assigned facts
    - Assignment Date
    - Assigner's signature or seal
  • When reporting changed circumstances for the foreign employee or trainee, the company employee in lieu of the employer shall hold the Identification Card (ID card, Passport, Foreign Registration Card, Employee's Card etc.)
  • According to Article 19 of the Immigration Act, any employer or head of company in charge of the foreigner's industrial training who violates the law shall pay the set penalty fee.
Reports on the changed company and the training place of industrial trainees (D-3)status View
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