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Procedure of Re-entry Permit Special Cases
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Procedure of Re-entry Permit & Methods
Procedure of Re-entry Permit & Methods
Applies to:
  • Registered foreigners seeking to stay for more than 91 days, who want to depart and re-enter within the permitted period of stay
  • Foreigners who were exempted from foreigner registration, who intends leave Korea and enter again
Types of Re-entry Permit
  • Single - Good for a single entry, valid for up to one year.
  • Multiple - Good for multiple entries, valid for up to two years.
Required Documents
  • Passport and Foreign Registration Card
  • Application form 한글문서 다운로드 PDF문서다운로드 doc  문서 다운로드
  • Foreigners with Industrial Training (D-3), Employed Trainee (E-8), Non-professional Employment (E-9) or Vessel Crew (E-10) status must get a recommendation Letter from employers or training officer.
    ※ In the process of change of work place(status of job applicant) such as Non-Professional Employment (E-9) and Vessel Crew( E-10) want to apply for a Re-entry permit for humanitarian reasons(Family passed away, Marriage, Disease) they need to bring "Certificate of Job Application (issued from Job Center" or "Verification"(Issued from National Federation of Fisheries Cooperative) write a letter of that why they apply for a re-entry permit and the other documentary evidence(doctor's diagnosis, wedding invitation etc) are replacement of employer's re-entry agreement letter or recommendation letter.
  • Foreigners with Diplomacy(A-1), Official Business (A-2), or Conference/Agreements (A-3)status must supply documents or statements to prove their employment .
  • Fee: Multiple- KRW 50,000 (Government Revenue Stamp)※ Fee-Exemption
    1) Fee-Exemption for international customary
    - Diplomatic passport or Official passport holders
    - A regular passport holders must present with proof of document that you works for a government.
    2) Fee-Exemption for mutual reciprocity.
    - All Minors Under Age of 14 for Argentinean Citizen
    - British citizen
    - Taiwanese citizen
    3) Fee-Exemption for the other status.
    - The spouse of Korean National(F-2-1), Overseas Study(D-2), Korean Language Study(D-4-4), Business Investors (D-8)
    - Government sponsored scholarship recipient students. (Submit proof of documents)
How to apply for re-entry permit
  • Present the required documents (details listed below) to the local Immigration Office (may be applied by an appointed agent).
  • Single re-entry permit may be applied at the airport immigration offices on the departure date.
  • On-line E-Application; Apply
Re-entry Permit at Airport Immigration Offices
  • For those departing on that day, a single re-entry visa may be issued at the departure gate, regardless to the current status.
  • Those with Corporate Investment (D-8) status:
    - Issuance of multiple reentry permit that is valid for 1 year
  • Those with National’s Spouse (F-2-1) status
    Issuance of multiple reentry permit that is valid for 2 years
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