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Change / add work location

Procedure for Granting Change or Addition of Workplace Manual of sojourn for all visas
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Diagram of the procedure
Diagram of the procedure
Permission for Changing or Adding Workplace
  • Permission that allows a foreigner in Korea to change or adds workplace within the permit of staying status.
  • "Workplace" refers to the designated location in which an employed foreigner works in. However, it also includes any place that the employer is allowed to assign the foreigner to work at, so long as it is within the boundaries of the contract.
Applicable to:
  • Foreigners with visa status that allows employment
    • Temporary Employment (C-4), Professorship (E-1), Foreign Language Instructor (E-2), Research (E-3), Technology Transfer(E-4), Professional Employment (E-5), Cultural Arts (E-6), Special Occupation (E-7), Employed Trainee (E-8), Non-professional employment (E-9), Vessel Crew (E-10), Working Holiday (H-1)
  • Foreigners visa status that’s similar to employment.
    • Supervisory Intra-company Transfer (D-7), Corporate Investment(D-8), Trade Management (D-9)
Criteria for granting/denying
  • The permission will be denied if the change or addition is different from original staying purpose as stated in the employment contract
  • If the foreigner working in too many workplaces or is changing jobs too many times without any consistent pattern, he/she will be evaluated. Should the foreigner be found to have poor work conduct or is in some way against Korea’s national interest, then any future change/addition to the workplace will be restricted.
  • If the added workplace should have longer work hours or higher salary than the original workplace, addition of workplace will be restricted.
  • Adding more than two workplaces beside the main workplace is prohibited.
Application Period for Permission of changing or adding workplace
  • Any change or addition to a foreigner’s workplace must be reviewed and granted in advance by the local Immigration
How to apply for permission for changing or adding workplace
  • Principal or the assigned agent must submit the required documents (See the documents by the status) to the local Immigration Office
Changes that must be reported elsewhere
  • The following changes applies to “Change in status of Foreigner Registration”→ Detail View
    - Changes to the organization that a foreigner with non-profit visa status such as Cultural Arts(D-1), Overseas Study (D-2), or General Training(D-4) belongs to (including name changes)
    - Changes to the organization or group that a foreigner with Journalism(D-5), Religious Affairs(D-6), Supervisory Intra-company transfer(D-7), Corporate Investment(D-8), Trade Management(D-9) status belongs to (including name changes)
  • Change in workplace for those with Industrial Training (D-3) status must be ported by the employee. → Detail View
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