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Changing Status of Stay Manual of sojourn for all visas
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Procedure of Change of Residence status
Procedure of Change of Residence status
Change of Status of Stay
  • Foreigners must receive permission to change of status of their stay if they want to participate in new activities which is not relevant or permitted for current status
General Principles
  • As a general rule, foreigners seeking to participate in activities not permitted under their current status must first depart from Korea, obtain a new status that corresponds with the desired status, then re-enter Korea with the newly obtained status and status.
  • However, should it be possible to meet the requirements for the new status without having to depart from Korea, limited change of status can be made upon passing a rigid examination.
  • To see what is required by each status, click on status table on the top of this page.
Application Period
  • In order to engage in activities not permitted by the current status of stay, a permission to change the status must be obtained from the local Immigration Office prior to engaging in the said new activities.
  • A-1, A-2 and A-3 status holders seeking to change their status of stay due to change in their position/duties must receive permission for change of status of stay within 30 days of the said change.
How to apply for permission for change of status of stay
  • Present the Required documents to the local Immigration Office (may be applied by an appointed agent)
Examples of when one would need to apply for change of status of stay
  • A C-2 status foreigner wants to invest(D-8) in Korea
  • A D-3 status foreigner wants to get a job(E-8) after 1 year training
  • A D-4 status foreigner wants to study in Korea(D-2)
  • Foreigners who married Korean wants to change residence status of stay(F-2) (applicable regardless of residence status of stay)
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