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Vessel Inspection

Vessel Entry & Departure Procedures The Responsibility of the Vessel Head or Carrier
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Scheduled vessels notification
  • Prior to a vessel entry or departure, the ship's master or the common carrier must submit a scheduled vessels notification to the Head of Immigrant Office or Branch Office. The notification must specify the expected date, time and other necessary information.
  • However, should circumstances be such that prior notification is impossible (such as emergency landing of airplane or ship in distress), it must be made at the earliest opportunity possible.
Inspection & Examination of vessels upon entry & departure
  • Details of inspection/examination made by the Immigration Bureau is as follows
    - Whether the passport or seaman's identification certificate is valid or not
    - Whether the passengers and the vessel crew have boarded the vessel through proper legal procedures
    - Whether there are any discrepancies between the boarding list and vessel crew and passengers
    - Whether any passengers or vessel crew who are prohibited to enter the country are on board
    - Whether any passengers or vessel crew have gotten off before the inspection, in case of entry vessels
    - Whether there are any passengers or vessel crew who have not returned to the vessel at the time of inspection for departure vessels
    - Whether any person have boarded the vessel without notice or boarding permission
    - Whether any person attempting to enter without legal procedures are hidden within the vessel
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