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Crew Members / Landing Permission

Immigration Inspection for Crew Members Landing Permission
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Eligible crew member
  • Korean-based airplane and vessel crew members(including foreigners)
  • Korean crew members of foreign-based airplanes and vessels
  • Foreign crew members of foreign-based airplanes and vessels, who enters as crew member, but seeking departure as a passenger (Must undergo immigration inspection for crew member upon entering)
  • Foreign crew members of foreign-based airplanes and vessels, who seeks departure as a crew member after entering as a passenger (Must undergo immigration inspection for crew member upon departure)
   ※ Foreign crew member of foreign-based airplanes/vessels who are either transferring to another airplane/vessel or landing for recreational purposes must receive Landing Permissions for Crew Members (differs from entry permission)
Registration as a Crew Member
  1. Immigration inspections are facilitated for crew members of Korean-based airplanes or vessels (regardless of their individual nationality). Such individuals are required to be registered as crew members, and are issued crew registration card. This allows for separate immigration inspection for crew member departure, eliminating the entry/departure card submission requirement and the officer's seal. However, any crew member departing for the first time or entering for the last time are required to submit the entry/departure card.
  • Eligible to:
    - Crew members of routinely operated vessels (including Overseas Koreans (F-4) or foreigners with permanent residence status (F-5))
    - Foreign crew members hired by routinely operated Korean airplanes or vessels. However, foreigners are only permitted during the re-entry permit period assigned to them after foreigner registration. (Re-entry authorization exemption is limited to individuals who enters and departs within the permitted stay period.)
  • Registration Period
    - Upon first departure
  • Required Documents for Registration
    - Passport or Seaman's Identification Certificate
    - Application for registration as a crew member
    - 1 passport-sized photo
    - Certificate of Employment
  • Modification and Termination of Registration
    - If a need for modification or termination of the registration arise, it must be reported to Immigration Office.
    - Causes for terminating registration: Disembarking (except when disembarking for annual leave), retirement, etc.
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Immigration Contact Center 1345
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  • Recruitment / Employment Related Informationtion(Ministry of Labor) : 1577-1350