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Issuance of Refugee Travel Document
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How Do I Get a Refugee Travel Document?
What is the purpose of Refugee Travel Document?
  • It is to ensure your freedom of movement such as for overseas travels, or immigration to other nations(s), so that you will not experience adversity in your social life.
    (Article 28 the Refugee Convention)
Who is eligible for Refugee Travel Document?
  • If you are recognized as a refugee by the Minister of Justice, you are eligible. However, this shall not apply if your departure is deemed threatening to the interest and/or security of the Republic of Korea.
When can I receive a Refugee Travel Document?
  • The document shall be issued at the time you submit the application in order to depart from the Republic of Korea.
How do I apply for a Refugee Travel Document?
  • You must submit an Application for Refugee Travel Document and documents listed below to the respective Office Chief or Branch Head with jurisdiction over your residence.
    - A copy of your Certificate of Refugee Recognition
    - A copy of your Alien Registration Card (,If applicable)
    - Two Identification photos (35×45mm)

How long is a Refuge Travel Document valid?
  • The Refugee Travel Document is valid for two years after its issuance. If you request for an extension after you received one, its validity may be extended for a maximum period of one year.
    ※ However, the extension of the Refugee Travel Document at present is not allowed as the Certificate issued is an MRP (Machine Readable Passport) type. Relevant laws are currently under revision to extend the period of the Document to three years.
  • The Minister of Justice may limit your period of reentry within the range of three months to one year, if deemed necessary.
  • If you are the holder of a Refugee Travel Document, you may depart from/enter into Korea without obtaining a reentry permit prior to the expiry date.

How can I apply for an extension of validity period?
  • If you are a recognized refugee and departed from Korea but unable to return before the expiry of your Refugee Travel Document due to compelling reasons (e.g. Illness and etc), you are required to submit the following documents to the head of diplomatic missions abroad to renew its expiration date. The documents are:
    - An Application for Refugee Travel Document Validity Extension; And
    - A written statement explaining the reason(s) of extending the validity of the Document

Is it possible to have the Refugee Travel Document reissued?
  • Your Refugee Travel Document may be reissued, provided that:
    - Your Refugee Travel Document is lost or missing;
    - Your Refugee Travel Document is worn out and unable to be re-used; Or,
    - The Minister of Justice deems it necessary for other reason(s).

  • When should I apply for a reissuance?
    - You must submit an application within 14 days of the date on which the reasons for reissuance occur.

  • What documents are required for a reissuance?
    - An Application for Refugee Travel Document Reissuance (Immigration Control Act, Enforcement Rule Annex 126-11);
    - A written statement explaining the reason of reissuance of Refugee Travel Document; And,
    - Two Identification photos (35×45mm)

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