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Refugee treatment

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What Assistance is Available to Refugee Status Applicants?
  • Assistance of Living Expenses and Others
    - You may file for the assistance of living expenses within six months of the date on which you submit your refugee status application. (However, the payment of the living expense will begin from the date you submitted an Application for Living Expense and Other Assistances). If you wish to receive the assistance, you must file an Application for Living Expenses and Other Assistances to the respective Office Chief or Branch Head.
    - If you are in need of continued assistance due to compelling reasons, including serious illness and/or physical disabilities, you may be provided with the assistance for extended period of up to six months.
    - The Minister of Justice shall determine whether you qualify for the assistance as well as the amount of assistance, after considering relevant factors (e.g. your duration of stay in Korea, work activities, usage of refugee support facilities, dependant families (, if applicable) and living circumstance).

  • Provision of Residential Facilities
    - The Minister of Justice may establish and operate residential facilities in refugee assistance facilities and/or other places.
    - The Minster of Justice may give a priority for refugee status applicants at Ports of Entry and "Refugees Seeking Resettlement" in Korea to use the residential facilities.
    - The Minister of Justice shall decide how long an applicant may stay in a facility for a period not exceeding six months. However, considering relevant factors including health condition of the applicant and/or his/her dependant family members, if reasons of extending the period of stay are found to have merit, he/she is able to do so.
    - An individual deemed threatening to the safety and orders of the facilities may be limited from using them.

  • Support in Medical Services
    - The Minister of Justice may provide a refugee status applicant with medical services support within the extent of arranged budget.

  • Guarantee of Education
    - A refugee status applicant and his/her family members who are minor aliens may receive primary and secondary education at the same level as that of Korean nationals.

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